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Private Video Consultations

 (Page under construction, details to be finalised etc)

Hi there!!

I’ve been having people ask for specific, personal help with their worms.

While I am only too happy to help anyone within the community for free, via personal message, or within the face book groups, I have considered for a while the fact that it is often better to talk directly. There is a lot of information that can be conveyed by tone of voice – and the back and forth of writing sometimes loses details, and it slows down the information flow drastically.

What I want to try out, is a video based, verbal (or “voice call”) discussion – I am going to charge for this discussion – again everything via face book groups is totally still free.

The fee for this service will be US$9.95 (currently Aus$13.40) for 30 minutes.


The format for this call will be that I will request you to firstly pay the fee into my PayPal account. You can either send the money or I can request it (to do this send me an email asking me to request it)

Then I will ask you to email me the basis of the things you wish to discuss, if there are any specifics (more on that below), and select a time from my schedule options that suits you.

When you email me what you want to talk about, that will enable me to have any data I need for the consultation at my fingertips.

After the consultation, I will email you back a short review of the discussion, with any relevant links or information attached.

I will try to have the consultations initially within the framework of “Google Hangouts” – more on those here: (the only problem i had setting this up on my PC was that I was running internet explorer, and i couldn’t get the app for it – I had to use Google Chrome) I may expand to using Skype as well (let me know if this is your preferred method, and I will go about installing it etc.)

I will have to be hard on the 30 minute time limit – and by gathering the info for you beforehand, and sending the summary afterwards, I’m sure you can see its really going to be pretty much an hour I’m working with you.

There is a link to a time zone converter under all my links at the bottom of the page.

Until I get more familiar with this system, especially working out times to talk, if we make a mistake and don’t meet up at the same time, I will reschedule the appointment with you, or refund you the money – at my option. If I refund the money, the PayPal fees will be taken out of that – I shall not be responsible for those. But I would like to reschedule them – but if we keep missing each other, I cant afford to keep setting time aside and not meeting up.

Thanks very much for considering working with me,


Brian “The Worm Man” Donaldson

+61419419572   (0419 419 572 within Australia)

[email protected]

PAYPAL:[email protected]

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