Interesting Worm Facts

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Interesting Worm Facts

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General Facts:


The following depends greatly on a large number of factors – on the species, and conditions in the farm, the season, the temperatures etc ant how you look after them, whether pests invade your farms etc etc etc.


Generally worms live for about a year, but some breeds live for up to 4 years


The eggs hatch in 2 to 3 weeks, but some may stay dormant for up to 6 years, if there’s not enough food or too many worms in the farm.


The worms take 6 to 16 weeks (depending on the breed) to grow to adults, and start laying eggs themselves.


The eggs may hold up to 20 worms, but usually only hatch between 3 and 10 live worms.


Baby worms are the thickness of a piece of cotton, and about 1 cm long. Usually they appear to be white, or see through.


A worm can lay up to one to 3 eggs each week depending on the breed and conditions.