DIY Plans For Continuous Flow Through Worm Bins

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DIY Plans To Build
Continuous Flow Through
Worm Bins

Includes FULL Written Plans
& Step-By-Step Follow Along Videos

This Package Includes:

17 Videos - Showing Step By Step How I Built The BEASTS
4 Videos   - Never-before-seen footage of the ANC CFT and how it's made
50 Pages  - Full Written Plans And Instructions

Including :

  • Written Cutting List For Wood
  • Written Tool List - Suggested Tools Needed
  • Additional Video Discussing Tools & Tips  
  • Additional Re-sizing Video: Discusses re-sizing the box from 2x2 feet up to 3x18 feet


See the picture gallery below for the Table Of Contents, Video List & Other Pics.


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Photo Gallery:

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Continuous Flow Through Worm Farms - And How Do They Work?



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