Worm Farming Consultant – Commercial & Domestic Consulting

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Worm Farming Consultant – Commercial & Domestic Consulting

Hi there,

As part of my Training & Assessment college course, I have developed worm farming training lessons.

As part of the teaching process I am now taking on commercial consulting clients.

I have experience in domestic and commercial operations of both vermiculture (production of worms) and vermicomposting (production of vermicompost).

If I lack any piece of information relevant to your enquiry, I have a wide network of colleagues around the world, in the (International) Worm Farming Alliance.

I am an administrator in the Worm Farming Alliance and as such can draw on the resources of the Alliance, or it’s members as needed. We have world famous and top level members from various countries. From soil scientists and agronomists, to leaders in vermiculture and vermicomposting businesses.

I can travel to your site and conduct an assessment of your current practices and recommend changes; or talk with you about how to best start and run your project.

Whether you have an old disused (home) worm farm that just needs a kick start and some basic information and instruction on how to operate it – or you wish to start a business selling worms or vermicompost – I can help you.

As part of the consultancy process, I can deliver one or multiple lessons or presentations. These can be aimed at any level of knowledge, from basic domestic/home worm farming, up to commercial level vermiculture (production of worms) and vermicomposting (production of vermicompost) – or anything in between.

The presentations usually go for between 30 and 60 minutes. They can be done with a powerpoint presentation or without. Usually written material is supplied to the attendees.

You can read information on the other pages that I have published, which may give a better feel for what I do.

“Day rates” are applicable for designing training materials and for training/site visits. Please talk to me about the scope of your project and I can tailor make something just for you.

Please contact me for further information or to make an enquiry about consulting with you on your project.

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Recommendations From Previous Clients:

“A big thankyou from Whitehill Garden Club. Very informative and very knowledgeable on his worms. I would recommend him to any club interested in composting and Vermiculture.”      – Mark Steinhardt.

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Recommendations From Previous Clients: