Worm Farming Speaker – Presentations And Lessons

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Worm Farming Speaker – Presentations And Lessons

Hi there,

As part of my Training & Assessment college course, I have developed worm farming training lessons.

I can deliver a lesson or presentation aimed at any level of knowledge, from basic domestic/home worm farming, up to commercial level vermiculture (production of worms) and vermicomposting (production of vermicompost) – or anything in between.

The presentations usually go for between 30 and 60 minutes.

You can read information on the other pages that I have published, which may give a better feel for what I do.

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Recommendations From Previous Clients:

“A big thankyou from Whitehill Garden Club. Very informative and very knowledgeable on his worms. I would recommend him to any club interested in composting and Vermiculture.”      – Mark Steinhardt.

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Worm Farming Lessons / Presentations – General Info:


School And Child Care Centre Worm Farming Lessons & Presentations


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Recommendations From Previous Clients: