Benefits Of Vermicompost

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What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Vermicompost?

It benefits the environment by:

♦      Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

♦      Which lessens greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.


It helps to prevent and treat pests and diseases in plants:

♦      Vermicompost in seed germination mixes helps to suppress Pythium (damping off disease).

♦      Aerated Castings Tea suppresses mildews and has been shown to suppress pest insects by coating the plant with chitin.

♦      It makes plants stronger, more efficient and pest and more disease resistant.


There Are MANY Plant Benefits Of Vermicompost:

♦                  It increases the health and vigour of plants

♦                  It makes plants more pest and disease resistant

♦                  It only has a small fertiliser value. Generally a nitrogen of 1 or 2; Phosphorous & Potassium of 1 – “NPK 2:1:1”

♦                  BUT it allows plants to take up nutrients more efficiently, using less nutrients

♦                  It also increases organic matter in the soil

♦                  Using VC, the garden is exposed  to fewer chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and is then less reliant on them.

♦                  Reducing chemicals is good for all of the soil microbiology

♦                  It FEEDS the soil microbiology – the “Soil Food Web” food chain of small insects and it draws in and helps nourish native earthworms

♦                  It increases the soils ability to store AND release water and fertilisers (it’s “Cation Exchange Capacity”)


WHY do worms have this effect?

The worm castings contain at least 5 plant growth and rooting hormones.

This is from their “slime coat” and their gut bacteria.

Worm castings also help draw in, feed and support the small insects and micro organisms of the “soil food web”.