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About This Guide:

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About The Guide:

– 27 Pages long.

– See the pictures of the table of contents, in the pictures above (there are 3 little circles right where my name is on the bottom, in the centre, of the cover photo – these select the images to display)

What Is This Guide For

This guide is intended to correct any misconceptions about CFT’s – and to teach the correct way to start and look after a CFT.

Using This Guide

The Table Of Contents is entirely CLICKABLE

– find what you need using ctrl-f or just skimming the table, hover the cursor over what you want to go to and hold the control button and left click the mouse – you will be taken to that section.

Comments From People Who Downloaded The Guide

“Loved it. Very informative in layman’s terms,( easy to understand) even for a beginner like me.”
– From Susan M.; Vermicomposting Facebook Group

“I appreciate the help and the guide! It was very informative!”
– From Darren V.; RWC Facebook Group