How To Make A Fishing Bait Esky For Worms

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How To Make A Fishing Bait Esky For Worms

Also can also see my other article on “How To Make A Fishing Bait Bucket For Worms”:


How To Make An Ice Box For Bait Worms From A Styrofoam Broccoli Box:

You can use a Styrofoam “broccoli” box from the fruit and vege shops. Sometimes they are free – sometimes they charge you one or two dollars for them.

You could use an old esky as well. If you use the good esky, just don’t tell your wife !!

  1. Punch a couple of holes in the lid of the broccoli box with a screwdriver to allow some air in/out.
  2. Freeze a block of ice, like in an ice cream container. Using a container is good as the water from the thawing ice wont roll around in the box and make the worms cold.
  3. Wrap the ice in sheets of newspaper to help hold the cold.
  4. If you’re using “bare ice” wrap that in a garbage bag. This helps prevent water from getting onto the bait bucket making it TOO COLD.
  5. Place the ice at one end and the bucket of bait at the other end.(read my article on how to make a bait bucket linked above)
  6. Put something in the middle to keep the worm bucket and the ice apart – like some cardboard or egg cartons, or an old towel. This is to hold them apart so the worms don’t get TOO COLD from the ice getting against the bait bucket.

Have fun and enjoy your fishing !