Terms And Conditions

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Terms And Conditions

For Consulting and Training:

Ø     All information being given is copyright to me, Brian Donaldson.

Ø     You may not share this information with other entities unless given permission to do so.  The information is for the use of yourself and your company only, at one site.

Ø     All care has been taken in assembling the information. It has been assembled from my own experience with a particular system or systems and/or information I have gathered over time.

Ø     No responsibility is taken for any of the following: the information supplied; the operation of the intended systems by you or your staff; the use of the resulting vermicompost or worm farm products by your staff; any regulations pursuant to your business regarding waste handling etc; or any other facet of your project.

Ø     I have an implied right to take pictures and videos during the project, to use for my own future marketing. These include but are not restricted to: the training; the setup and operation of the systems; aerial photography of the layout of the site of the project (No identifying names or features of participants, or the clients business will be published, unless prior permission is given to me.)

The BLOG And Subscribing To The Blog

  • Information given in the BLOG is the opinion of Brian Donaldson. I have been farming worms for 20 years, 5 years commercially. I do not have a formal science background and I generally do not seek to cite scientific articles to support my opinion. I encourage you to go do your own fact checking and not to believe what I say explicitly. Use my information to start your own search for the truth as you would have it. Take responsibility for yourself and your own practices. Check out my qualifications and experience on my site here:
  • as a courtesy to you and as an anti spam feature, you have to confirm your subscription by clicking on a link sent to you in an email (check your spam/junk folder). This is known as a double-opt-in, which ensure only YOU can subscribe you to the blog.
  • from time to time I may send emails out to subscribers telling them of cool things that I have published, or items I think you may be interested in.
  • at any time you may remove yourself from the list (if you have trouble doing this, contact me at [email protected] for help unsubscribing – just send an email titled UNSUBSCRIBE from your email address which you want removed from the list)

***** CAUTION Re Using VC Or ACT On Edible Leaf Plants – Re PATHOGENS *****

As A Precaution against pathogens:

Basically, do not apply on leafy greens/ vegetables youre going to harvest to eat

The caution is that if there are pathogens in the VC, especially from un-composted animal manure inputs, or uneaten foods, that there could be pathogens in the VC. This is especially so if using the VC to make ACT

– Do NOT Use As A Foliar Spray On Edible Leaf Plants

– Do NOT broadcast VC onto these plants

– Carefully place the VC on the soil only

– Or use ACT only on the ground as a drench

– Use only correctly aged VC

– Observe a suitable “with holding period” between using VC or ACT and harvesting the plant for food

Aerated teas should not be applied to the leaves of edible plants – my recommendations is DO NOT APPLY to these AT ALL – but at least a 120 day with holding period is wise.

Breeding ANC worms for bait or any worms commercially:

I will not teach others how to breed ANC worms for bait, nor to breed worms in a commercial fashion.
The info I freely give out concerns domestic worm farming only.
Breeding ANC for bait is a very involved process (not totally dissimilar to growing compost worms in general – but there are enough pitfalls in doing it, that it has taken me 2 years of work, trial and error, and study to develop my system).
My business is selling worms for bait, and teaching people about how to have a composting worm farm at home.
I will not teach others the nitty gritty of how to breed ANC for bait, as I am unwilling to have my business torn apart by a local competitor that has learned from me.
I will happily sell bait size ANC to anyone who wants them – and even worm bedding – but the help, unfortunately has to stop there.
For this reason I will not sell “bedrun” ANC worms – I only sell bait sized ANC.
How I like to compare it is “You wouldn’t call a plumber and ask him to teach you how to fix your own pipes – nor after trying to fix them yourself, would you ring and ask advice on how to fix something you did wrong – you’d just employ the plumber if you wanted his expertise.”
Thanks for your understanding.


Assumption Of Risk:

Should you come to my house, it is at your own risk.

You are responsible for yourself and anyone else you bring, including, but not limited to, your possessions, and your vehicle/s.

I am not responsible for any decision you make with regard to the use of vermi compost or aerated teas upon edible plants. You must do your own research on the with holding period for these plants.

Aerated teas should not be applied to the leaves of edible plants – my recommendations is DO NOT APPLY to these AT ALL – but at least a 120 day with holding period is wise.

Brian does not accept any responsibility for actions of the customer, or any injury to them or any other party, by whatever fashion, or damage to equipment or property, nor any financial loss. There is no warranty or guarantee of any kind with the information on this web site. All care but no responsibility for any part of the information will be taken by Brian.

By using this information the customer agrees that they alone are personally responsible for all decisions made.

Worms are shown healthy:

Worms that are sold, are shown to you before you take them. They are alive and well – they are harvested fresh for you. It is your responsibility to transport and care for them. Note the instructions that I have provided, they show care tips. If destined for a worm farm, the bedding should be prepared in advance (preferably for 3 to 7 days). The worms should be added as soon as you get home. I can take no responsibility for you killing your worms.


Complete worm farms:

I know that the farms that I sell work for farming worms, as I use them myself. Even though I supply full instructions, videos, complete farms with bedding, and the worms – there is still some level of skill, experience and understanding that goes into farming worms. Should you kill off your population, please talk to me – I may be able to pinpoint where you went wrong. But I take no responsibility for any inability on your part to be able to farm worms. Sometimes it takes a couple of goes to get all the processes down. Again, I take no responsibility – it is up to you to keep your worms alive.


The term “castings”:

If used at any time by me, is a reference to what is more accurately known as “Vermicompost” or “VC”

What IS Vermicompost – and why isn’t “Worm Castings” completely accurate:

VC consists of the manure OF worms – “castings” (or “worm poo”); and any other material that may not have actually been EATEN by the worms, but has decomposed WITH the castings of the worms. This unfinished material could be some fine leaf or bedding, or some unprocessed food.

You would need to examine each piece under a microscope to call it ALL “castings”



How Do I Make Money From You Tube, Plans, Books Etc


Full Disclosure: I make money from some of these plans and videos. Check my terms and conditions page for full details.

The ones I make money from are obvious – they are the ones that cost money up front.
“Free” denotes no upfront payment needs to be made, but I may make money from things like You Tube advertising etc. While you watch a YouTube videos, ads may pop up or be on a 5 second leader when starting a video. If you click on the ads in a video, I make tiny fractions of a cent from that.

Some worm farms or plans are sold by those I choose to support. From SOME of these I may make a commission – but that’s taken from the sellers profit, not added to your payment.

Some plans or information products are completely my own – I will make 100 % on those ones – but they have also taken MANY hundreds of hours to MAKE them available, not counting the many hours of work and research behind them to start with.

But PLEASE rest assured – I would not recommend ANY item to you if I didn’t believe in them first.

Sometimes I will endorse a product or person, and after some time, they will offer to pay me some commission on their product sales that come from me.

You get good advice and help from me – and I make a little from the sellers. Good for everyone 🙂

There is no need to buy ANYTHING from or through me, if you don’t WISH to 🙂