Worms For Sale By Delivery – Terms & Conditions

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Now Mailing Worms In Australia


(Western Australia Excluded – due to quarantine conditions)
Northern Territory excluded from the live shipping guarantee between September and March

Worms Delivered By Expresspost In Australia 4

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 Postage & Handling Costs:

The postage is by Australia Post Expresspost. In the SHOP the postage is INCLUDED in the cost of the worms you choose.



Shipping Days:

Unless arranged with me otherwise:

The worms will ship out on the next Monday morning after the order is received.

The order cutoff time each week is Sunday 4 pm.

Unless prior arrangement has been made with me to notify me of your “RUSH” order.

I can take no responsibility for WHEN Auspost delivers your parcel.



To Check If You Are In An Expresspost Delivery Area:

CLICK HERE: Expresspost Delivery areas within Australia – Australia Post


Live Shipping Guarantee:

For the Northern Territory, the live shipping guarantee is not applicable between the months of September and March.
Due to the extreme heat, I do not recommend sending worms. If you order them, it is at YOUR OWN RISK. All care, but no responsibility taken.

The live shipping guarantee terms are:

– Someone must be home to sign for the worms (previously they have arrived
the next day, in the morning, if in an express post qualified area)

– If no one is home to sign for them, you must at the latest collect them
from the post office the following day.

– if the worms arrive dead or damaged and you wish to make a claim for
refund, you have 4 hours from the time of the signature on the
package to supply me a video showing the worms condition (and also the
please), emailed to [email protected]

– If we agree on a refund, I will refund the cost of the worms, BUT NOT the
postage ($22).

– If we agree, you may then again order the worms and we will try one more


Other Conditions Of Sale:

  • Please note that I do not teach people how to grow bait (African and European Night Crawlers) – I sell it – and if you choose to try to breed them that’s up to you. I will supply you bait sized worms. I will not supply small, “bed run” worms, as I cannot be sure are actually ANC/ENC until they grow out.
    I compare it like this – you wouldn’t go to a restaurant and ask the chef to teach you to cook the dish instead of buying a meal from the restaurant.
  • I freely teach how to grow composting worms for your own use at home.
  • I do not freely teach commercial farming methods.

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