The Wedge System – A Large Domestic Or Commercial Worm Farming System

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“The Wedge” Worm Farm

A Vermicomposting System

For Large Domestic Or Commercial Worm Farming

The Wedge Worm Farming System

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The wedge is an excellent system and makes large volumes of vermicompost quite easily.

It is not very well known, as CFT’s seem to be the rage in the past few years.

I started my first wedge to make extra vermicompost to sell to commercial growers. I now have two wedges.

In my experience, they seem to be FAR easier than a CFT to manage and can be fed and harvested by existing machinery usually available to larger farms and users.

Added to this, that they are a VERY low cost system to start – especially if you have somewhere under cover to house it already – or are willing to build a simple hoop house over it. A hoop house is VERY simple to build.


Description Of The Wedge

“The Wedge” is a large domestic or commercial system.

It is suitable for larger domestic producers or for large scale commercial vermicompost (AKA “castings”) production.
(Click Here To Read: Why isn’t vermicompost and castings the same thing?)

It can be used outdoors, but under some form of cover from the rain is better.

It can be as large or small as you like – the small end having SOME constraints, as the book will describe.


What You Will Find In This E-Book:

This book, in part, comes from the commercial training package that I designed.

It has been expanded a lot more, as I will not be with you personally when you read through this information. I am available through email for any questions that you may have.

The book takes you right through what you need structure wise to house a wedge, how to start a wedge, how to feed it and care for it, how to harvest it and “turn it around”, things to avoid etc etc.


Advantages Of The Wedge

  • Low Tech – At its most basic, the system can be used uncovered in a field, much like a “windrow”
  • It needs little to no infrastructure
  • High Return On Investment – as the initial setup is so basic, the ROI is large, especially compared to the other major system used in the industry, the Continuous Flow Through (CFT)
  • It has a MUCH quicker turn around time for vermicompost, as compared to the windrow – 120 days for a wedge, 365 days for a windrow (source C.Edwards Vermiculture Technologies)
  • It can be used to vermi compost huge amounts of materials, resulting in large amounts of vermicompost
  • Is easy to feed and harvest with machinery such as a bobcat.


Disadvantages Of The Wedge

  • May well do better being protected from the elements ie in a hoop house or similar – to prevent leaching of nutrients from the pile, and to protect from excess rain, sun, heat etc
  • May require more manual labour than a CFT for harvesting – but lends itself to using machinery like a bobcat etc.


Uses In Large Scale Farming

This method may be used in large scale applications, such as for producing vermicompost for agriculture.

For instance, the wedge can be a mile long if needed. Imagine – a mile long x 5 foot “deep” face can be fed with 2 to 4 inches of material *EACH WEEK*


Why Did I Create This Information?

Recently I took on a commercial client in a large resort here in Australia.

They are looking at diverting waste from landfill and creating a valuable soil amendment into the bargain. They have upwards of 8400 liters (2100 gallons) of waste per week.

I designed training around the wedge system for them and presented the system to them. (I am a qualified workplace trainer – see my qualifications link below).

They now have 30 kg (66 lbs) of worms sourced through me, introduced into a “pilot” wedge that will be 19 meters (63 feet) long.

From there we will look to expand it into a second 19 meter wedge, then more and more as time goes on.

Wedge Worm Farming System - Consulting Project - September 2017

Wedge Worm Farming System – Consulting Project – September 2017

The picture, above, shows a preliminary view of the site of the first wedge system on the commercial project.

It is a concrete pit, 19 metres x 12 metres (63 x 40 feet). It is VERY well drained and does not retain water.

Thanks for looking into my e-book.


Who Am I ? – My Experience & Qualifications:

I am a qualified workplace trainer in Australia (Horticulture).

I have formal qualifications in Horticulture & Rural Operations (Herbicide Application). I have an unrestricted commercial operators licence for application of herbicides.

I design and deliver training for worm farming – both domestic and commercial – through organizations such as schools, gardening clubs and for commercial clients.

You can find out a lot more about me if you want to – on my website here:



The Wedge Worm Farming System

CLICK HERE To Buy The Wedge Worm Farming E-Book

(It is US$19.95)