The Wedge System

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“The Wedge” Vermi Composting System

– For Commercial Worm Farming



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Description Of The Wedge

“The Wedge” is a commercial system, for large scale vermicompost (AKA “castings”) production.   (Click Here To Read: Why isn’t vermicompost and castings the same thing?)

It can be used outdoors, but under some form of cover is better.

It can be as large or small as you like – the small end having SOME constraints, as the videos will show.



  • Low Tech – At its most basic, the system can be used uncovered in a field, much like a “windrow”
  • It needs little to no infrastructure
  • High Return On Investment – as the initial setup is so basic, the ROI is large, especially compared to the other major system used in the industry, the Continuous Flow Through (CFT)
  • It has a MUCH quicker turn around time for vermicompost, as compared to the windrow – 120 days for a wedge, 365 days for a windrow (source C.Edwards Vermiculture Technologies)
  • It can be used to vermi compost huge amounts of materials, resulting in large amounts of vermicompost
  • May be easier to feed by machinery than a CFT


  • May well do better being protected from the elements ie in a hoop house or similar – to prevent leaching of nutrients from the pile, and to protect from excess rain, sun, heat etc
  • May require more manual labour than a CFT for harvesting
  • Slower than a CFT (CFT 60 days, Wedge 120 days)


How much space is needed at a minimum?

As the starting pile is approx. 4 feet wide at the base, and we feed 2 inches a week onto the pile, the total (left-to-right) space we need for one is dictated by the need to have 120 days to finish the VC.

In the system I have planned, I will only be harvesting a whole “half” of the pile when the newest part of that section is over 120 days old. I *could* harvest any portion that’s over 120 days old, but that doesn’t gain me any space as such.

So for my system, I need 240 days of space (so the first half is all 120 days old) – or 35 weeks total space. So I need 35×2 inches plus the starting 48 inches. So I will need approx. 10 feet of space to run the first 35 weeks of the wedge. That’s a little short of the 3 pallets I have now set up. I may end up running 2 separate wedges across the pad. I could also run them a lot further out onto the pad (you’ll see what I mean in the videos). But this is all presumption at this stage 🙂

Uses in large scale farming

This method may be used in large scale applications, for producing vermicompost for agriculture.

For instance, the wedge can be a mile long if needed. A mile long x 4 feet deep face can be fed with 2 inches of material *EACH WEEK*


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