A Little Update – Vermicomposting Planter, Blue Barrels and Worm Farming Lessons – July 25th 2017 BLOG

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July 25th, 2017

The Worm Man BLOG

Hi everyone 😀

I’m very sorry I haven’t been keeping up with things and posting in the blog.

I’ve been a bit ill – and super busy with my local worm biz on top of that – but I don’t want to bore you with too much information there.

On to some better news, though!


The Vermicomposting Planter Project

As you may know from previous posts about this, I’ve teamed up with Bentley Christie on a planter box / worm farm concept.

I have to take a vid now that mine is planted out to show you all.

But if you want to check out the free plans and pictures/videos that we’ve made available, there’s a link for you below.

People who download the plans will be given access to a private facebook group; and we will both make updates and other stuff available to the members of this project group. Nothing lost going and signing up for it – right? 😀



My Half-Barrel Worm Farms

I’ve completed 5 of the 3-barrel units and now have composting worms going in most of them.

More pics on that to come soon as I download them from my phone and process the pics.

Plans to come soon as well, if you want to build one and need some help working out exactly HOW to do it (full cutting list and cut sizes for the wood; schematics and how-to video series.

“Stay tuned” as they say 😀


Worm Farming Lessons

Today I just did another presentation of the first lesson I developed in my Training & Assessment college course. “A Basic Introduction To Domestic Worm Farming”.

I presented at the big hardware chain here, “Bunnings”. They run a garden club from this branch of the store for the community.

I had been invited to speak through someone I studied Horticulture with who works there.

The lesson was VERY well received – many people came up to me after to thank me for the information.

I ended up speaking for about an hour (trying to keep it to 30 minutes did no good at all lol). But everyone said how great the info was, very interesting and informative.

The biggest things to come from that has been an invitation already to speak at one of the retirement centres from one lady – and another lady who just blew my socks off.

The second lady knows all the movers and shakers in the speaking industry and seems to be a very passionate environmentalist. She gave me the names of several people to contact directly in the councils, and is a mover and shaker in the universities here too.

The lady said she would be able to get me in to give lessons to students at TWO universities here. Perhaps studying sustainability, horticulture, or environmental or earth sciences – I was too blown away to ask enough questions :O


Anyway – it’s getting late here and I feel really bad about not having any juicy pics of what I’ve been doing – so I’ll leave it here for now – but count on me giving up some good pics in the next week or so to keep you up to date on what I’m doing.


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