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September 24th, 2017

The Worm Man BLOG

Hi everybody !

If you have missed the progress of the Vermicomposting Planter project (the one I am doing with Bentley Christie) – I’ve got some nice progress pictures of some of the plants I have in there.

The pictures show the broccoli seedlings from about a week after I planted them, to today.

OH what a difference !

I’ve been picking the broccoli that I am growing in the planter. I just started picking it this week, although the fist plant would have been ready last week.

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Here are the pictures for you:

1 - Vermicomposting Planter Worm Farm - 050817

2 - Vermicomposting Planter Worm Farm - 200817

3 - Vermicomposting Planter Worm Farm - 290817

4 - Vermicomposting Planter Worm Farm - 240917

5 - Vermicomposting Planter Worm Farm - 240917

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Brian Donaldson


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