How To Make A Fishing Bait Bucket For Worms

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How To Make A Bait Worm Bucket

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How To Make A Bait Worm Bucket

(Like I Supply For My Local Pickup Customers)

Bait Bucket Fishing Bait Worms And Pet Feeding WormsOverview:

You can make a neat fishing bait bucket to keep your bait worms in quite simply.

We give these bait worm buckets away with all local pickup orders (and give you some extra worms if you bring it back with you next time)

The idea is that the worms need some space to move around – and most importantly AIR.

If there is too many worms in the bucket they may suffer.

Bucket Selection:

Simply find a bucket that is small (or big) enough to suit your amount of worms.

Generally, we use a 2.2 litre bucket for bait worm purchases 100 worms and under – and a 3.4 litre bucket for purchases up to 200 worms.


Being VERY CAREFUL, cut 4 slits into the lid.

(Its important to use the right buckets – soft plastic like margarine comes in are suitable. “Chinese Take Away” containers are not as they are so brittle. If using those be VERY careful as the lid will break or shatter quickly and make cutting them dangerous.)

Cut a piece of cardboard about 2 cm wide and as long as the bucket lid is wide. Thread the cardboard through the slits.
The cardboard is there to help keep the slits open (for air)

Then cut a piece of material that fits over the opening in the bucket – about 4 cm bigger than the bucket. We use dish washing cloth similar to “Chux”.

Put the cloth over the opening in the bucket – and put the lid on the bucket.

The cloth is there to stop the worms getting out through the big air holes.

For “bedding” in the bucket, we use crosscut-shredded cardboard. The cardboard is JUST moistened so it is as wet as a wrung out sponge.


How Long Will They Last?

I have had worms in a bucket like this for about 3 months. They got smaller as they could only eat the cardboard bedding.

I recommend only keeping the worms in a container like this for 4 to 8 weeks, though.

As long as that bedding is kept “just moist” they will be fine.

You need to pay attention to the temperature requirements of the worms, though. Most bait worms are suitable to 15-25 Celsius.

NEVER put worms in a fridge – they will die.


Maintenance Between Fishing Trips

Simply store the worms somewhere the temperature will be suitable (between 15-25 Celsius)

Every week check the bedding is still just moist.

If it needs a little water, remove some of the cardboard, and run it under a tap, then squeeze the water back out of it.


You could keep the worms in the calico bag that I ship them to you in. Then keep THAT in a bucket with a lid placed loosely on it.
Follow the same directions for the right amount of moisture in the bedding.

For long trips away when it is hot – see my article linked just below the title of this page – about making a bait worm esky.

To order worms to be delivered to you, visit my SHOP: (Australian customers only, excludes WA)

For local pickup (Collingwood Park 4301) – just call me on 0419 419 572 (Brian)

Have fun – and happy fishing !