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May 25th, 2017

The Worm Man BLOG


Hi everyone 🙂

Today, in my blog, I’ve got something mighty BIG to talk about.

I am starting ANOTHER Wedge system – in a purpose-built hoop house.

Another name for the wedge is the “wave system”. I’ve also heard of them being called “walking windrows”.


The new wedge is TWICE the size of the old one.

I’m calling “The Wedge 2.0” lolz 😀

The dimensions of the new one are a bedding space of 3.5 x 2.3 metres – or about 11.5 feet x 7.5 feet.


Similar to how I built the first hoop house, I am using 2 inch poly water pipe for the hoops.

For the posts that the hoops slip over, I am using what are called “T-Posts” in the USA (or “star pickets” here in Australia 😀 )
The main advantage of the wedge is the sheer processing power of the thing.

They are usually a LOT larger than I have made mine – as they are a commercial style system.

Hoop House With Wedge Worm Farm System

My First Hoop House With Wedge Worm Farm System

They could be a mile long in a paddock somewhere and “walk” over the whole paddock, leaving castings galore behind.

Not to mention how HEALTHY that soil would be afterwards.


Some of the advantages of the wedge system are:

– did I mention HUGE processing power? lol !

– the worms follow the feeding front, leaving few worms behind in the finished VC.

– it gives the cocoons a chance to hatch and follow the feeding front too.

This means easy to no sifting – depending on what you and or your customers want to see, of course.


Some provisos to remember with a wedge:
– for the BEST result, wedges should be covered from the rain so that nutrients don’t leach out. I’m told the Canadians invented this system – and they actually “walk” the hoop houses along with the wedge !

– again for the BEST result, VC wise, they should be on an impermeable floor. For instance, concrete, like in the first wedge. In this one I will be using plastic food grade pallets for the floor. This is (again) to stop nutrient leaching. It also makes harvesting a lot easier as you aren’t scooping up earth and stones etc with your VC. Not to mention how trees would just LOVE to get their roots into a pile of VC like that !

(Of course the floor – and the roof – depends on your circumstances. If you are using it to reinvigorate a huge paddock a mile long, you may not want a floor and roof! But for a VC production unit where it’s POSSIBLE – a floor and roof is great to have.


Anyway – enough for today.

If you want to go have a look, you can see the old hoop house and wedge descriptions on my site HERE:


and you can watch the videos on Youtube HERE :

So this ends my post today – thanks very much for reading my blog – and HAPPY WORMING.
Brian Donaldson

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