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June 12th, 2017

The Worm Man BLOG

Hey everyone 😀

Today I’m sort of letting the cat out of the bag about something I’m REALLY (REALLY REALLY) excited about !

My longtime worm friend and mentor Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie has asked me to do a project with him !


WHY am i so excited? Well, if you don’t know him, Bentley is one of the most well known and respected people in the worm farming world.

He runs

He also heads the “Worm Farming Alliance” – a group for serious or commercial worm folks.


So – WHAT ARE WE DOING I hear you shouting (well, in my head that’s what youre saying 😀 )

I will leave it to Bentley to tell you the story – here is what he sent around to people on his RWC subscribers list:

Bentley said:

“I’m no stranger to integrated vermigardening – basically
process of creating active vermicomposting systems in
close promity to growing plants (in some cases the plants
are literally growing in the worm system). I’ve worked with
vermicomposting trenches, various types of “worm towers”,
vermi-lasagna-gardens, vermi-straw-bale-gardens, and just
generally, have often planted my food plants close to my
outdoor composting systems.

. . . one system I have had in the back of my mind for

quite some time – but have yet to try (likely because I’m not

much of a builder type) – is a vermicomposting planter box.

Basically a worm bin connected to a planter, with some sort

of grate or screen in between.


The idea popped into my head once again a short time ago,

and just for fun I decided to see if I could find anything online.

Right off the bat I found a really cool YouTube video by



[This is just the first in a series of planter videos created by Al

(creator of Albopepper website and YouTube channel – both

of which are excellent).]


While totally inspired, I could see some room for improvement

(at least as far as my own goals go). So I got in touch with my

good friend Brian Donaldson (one of my trusty RWC Facebook

group admins – and a very talented DIYer), and we started

chatting about creating our own design.


Needless to say, I will keep everyone posted on that!”
(Back to Brian chatting to you now 😀 )

Here is the first pic I have – me having bought the wood to be used.

I’m using untreated planks of pine – 6 x 1 inches – for the construction.
This will be a very easy construction – if you can cut a piece of wood and use a battery drill – you can follow the plans.
(We have to finalise what we are doing, but I think it will be in line with what I’ve done before – a full set of written plans and follow along videos)

worm farming project vermicomposting planter Wood Collected

Thanks very much for reading my blog – and HAPPY WORMING.
Brian Donaldson


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