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June 17th, 2017

The Worm Man BLOG

Hey Everyone 🙂

So – on with the story of building the wedge and hoop house 2.0 😀

If you missed the story so far it is at:

So – on to the construction 🙂


The building process was:

Clear the area – it used to be where I had some composting/grass bays. They have to be reassembled later on.

Place the “floor” pallets – using some freecycled concrete pavers as “pillars”.

I used plastic, food grade pallets for the floors and walls.

The Wedge Worm Farm - pavers under pallets


I drilled holes in the pallets used for the walls – this is to allow more oxygen into the pile.

Then I stacked the wall pallets in place. They are joined together with large roofing type screws through the walls where 2 pallets join.

I then secured the pallets across the ends that would become the “doors” with a pine sleeper that I ripped into 2 halves – this is to help hold the floor “together” – so it didn’t move.

I also split some pine to use to place in the join between the walls and floor. This is to help hold them all in place. It also helps cover the minor holes along that edge, as the pallets are all old “written off” ones. There are a few imperfections and cracks on the pallets – but all in all, they are pretty good.


Then I hammered the T-Posts in that would receive the poly pipe.

The poly pipe was cut to length for the hoops – using the formula Pi x Diameter – then halving that circumference – then adding the 16 inches to each side that goes over the posts.

I ran the poly pipe over the T posts

The Wedge Worm Farm - hoops attached

I secured the T-Posts to the pallets with roofing screws. I also made some “brackets” out of some old metal strip that I had laying about. The brackets hold the hoops at the top of the T-Posts to the pallets.

The Wedge Worm Farm - Internal braces and bottom strips

I also added a support brace in the centre to help hold the walls up.

And I added a strip of wood where the walls and floor join – this is screwed into the walls and floor with roofing screws.

I also added some extra T-posts in between the ones holding the hoops for extra support.


The Wedge Worm Farm - purlins attached

Next I fitted the roof purlins. These are a light piece of metal which joins the hoops together, at top, and on the 2 sides.
I used a lightweight building product designed for gyprock ceiling construction.

The Wedge Worm Farm - Fitting Shade cloth 1 wm

Sorry for the washed out photo – it was quite late when we finished work.

The shade cloth I used is a waterproof (“laminated”) 50% white cloth.

The shade cloth is in two sections, which join on the centre hoop.
All we got time for that day was fitting one piece completely onto the centre hoop
and partially fitting the second piece over the first on the centre hoop.


The Wedge Worm Farm - fitting shade cloth 2 wm

The ends of the purlins were covered using an offcut of the poly pipe – so they didnt rip the shadecloth.


The Wedge Worm Farm - fitting shade cloth 3 wm

Here you see the shade cloth almost fully fitted.

I used the same system as on the first hoop house.
The shade cloth is secured to the hoops with zip ties about every 12 inches.
Then I cut little pieces of the poly pipe to make “cleats” – out of each 2 inch piece of pipe I make 3 cleats.
Then I secure the cleat over the hoops by drilling through it with a roofing screw, into the hoops.


Well – that’s enough for today 🙂

Next time I will show you the finishing touches – the doors at the end; starting the wedge; and how I prettied up the hoop house 🙂

Thanks very much for reading my blog – and HAPPY WORMING.

Brian Donaldson


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