Bait Worms – Care Instructions For Keeping Bait Worms

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Care Instructions For Keeping Bait Worms


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A Quick Overview:

Worms MUST BE:

– Kept In A Dark Place

– At 15 To 25 Degrees Celsius

– Do NOT Leave In The Sun

– Do NOT Refrigerate


Temperature / Location:

*** MOST IMPORTANT: Worms MUST be kept in a cool shady spot – if they get any sunlight on the bait bucket or absorb too much heat in a day you may kill the worms.

I take no responsibility for this – I supply them fresh and healthy – I SHOW YOU before you take them they are alive and healthy – it’s up to YOU to keep them safe until you use them.


The Lid:

Keep the piece of dishcloth between the bucket and the lid – its this that helps keep them in the bucket, from escaping out the slits in the lid.


How To Keep Them Cool:

Some guys will leave the majority of the worms back at the camp in the deep shade etc – and some place a wet hessian bag on them to help cool them. Remember they need air.
Others have success with placing the bait in an esky, with some ice/freezer bricks – but don’t put the worms right ON the ice. Also tip out any water that builds up so the worms dont get the cold water on their bucket making them TOO cold.

See my other instruction “How to make a bait worm esky” here:


How long will they last in this bucket

I’ve had worms in a bucket like this for MONTHS as a test. They end up consuming the cardboard bedding. If yours don’t last a few weeks for fishing, there’s something you’ve done wrong – most likely left them in the heat, or put too much moisture in the bucket (the 2 most likely things)



Usually the moisture I put in the bait bucket should be all you need for even a week or two – but it will depend on how hot, and especially how DRY the weather is, as well as for instance how many times you open the bucket.
The bedding they are in should be like a well wrung out sponge – squeeze a handful, only a couple of drops, to about 6 or 10 drops at the most should come out. Make it too wet and they may suffer and die. (Bait buckets are different to worm farms.)


Weight Loss:

Over time (say one to 2 weeks) the worms may lose about 10% of their mass. This is MOISTURE not lack of food. The breeding farms need to be a lot more moist/the bait buckets need to be drier – so they will lose SOME weight over the first 1-2 weeks.


Its not necessary to feed them anything unless your going for like 2 or 3 months – and if you don’t feed them they may just get smaller, while they consume the cardboard bedding.
If you MUST feed them, use a small slice of pumpkin or apple. About 10cm across x 1 to 2 cm thick. You can also just replenish the bedding, for instance with damp but not overly wet strips of newspaper for a quicker feeding, or cardboard for a longer “time release” food.
If you have any questions, please just call or email me, I am happy to help.


Thanks and happy fishing !!!


Brian Donaldson


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