Worm Inn Mega Worm Farm

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Worm Inn Mega Worm Farm

NOW Available In Australia !!

“What Is A Worm Inn ?”

A Worm Inn is a continuous flow through (“CFT”) worm farm, perhaps even BETTER operating than a wooden CFT – as the bag allows MASSIVE oxygen entry into the system.

They have a small footprint, but a MASSIVE payload, especially when compared to stacking plastic farms or totes.

I will be doing videos of my MEGA, showing updates from time to time, and then harvesting (that will be a fair while away though)

I am importing and selling the “MEGA” version – Color “GREEN”

Australian Price: $235.00

–  Includes Regular Postage Within Australia

– Includes Signature Delivery By AusPost

– Includes PVC “Stand Kit”

To Buy One In The USA, Or The Rest Of World:

Until I can setup with drop shipping, I personally recommend Bentley Christie:

Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie of redwormcomposting.com – Click Here


To Make A Wooden Stand Like I Show In My Pictures

I have released “donation based/free” plans and how-to videos on the Secure Gumroad Platform:

Click Here To Have A Look

 To Look At How To Setup A Worm Inn:

Click Here To Go To My Youtube Video