How To Build A Worm Farm

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Worm Farms – So Many Choices?

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 Here Is A Brief List – With Links To My Plans Or Videos.



Briefly . . . SO – What CAN Be Used For A Worm Farm?

At it’s most basic, a worm farm can be anything from just a hole in the ground, to a bucket or a plastic tub; from any recycled item like fridges or bath tubs; on up to the pinnacle of worm farms, the “Continuous Flow Through”, AKA “Flow Through Reactor” Worm Farm.

There are pitfalls and advantages to every system. I hope to address some of these as time goes on 🙂

Worm Farms To Build:

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Paid-For Plans


(Free Plans/Ideas Are Further Down The Page)

Continuous Flow Through – Wooden

Full DIY Plans & How-To Videos

beast front cover wm crop 15 -40 pcClick The Image

Turning A Compost Bin Or A Barrel

Into A Continuous Flow Through

cft from compost bin Overview drawing

Click The Image


Coming Soon:

Building A Neat Stand

To Hold A Split Blue Plastic Barrel


barrel image wm cropped

Click The Image

Buying A Worm Inn MEGA

Continuous Flow Through

(Wooden Stand Plans & Full How To Video Series

Available As A Free/Donation Download)


Click Here For A Link To The Page To Buy A Worm Inn MEGA

(Australia Or The Rest Of The World)

Click Here For A Link To The Wooden Stand Plans


FREE Plans / Videos


The Wedge Vermicomposting System

Full Explanation

Technical Information

Full How-To Videos & Updates

pallets WM

Click The Image


Building A Continuous Flow Through

From A Wheeled Bin

(Goes To My Youtube Channel)


wheelie thumb wm

Click The Image


Using A Bath Tub

 bath wm2

Click The Image

Using An Old Fridge Or Freezer

2 fridge drain gravel wm

Click The Image

Using A “Tote” / Plastic Or Styrofoam Box

 styro wm

Click The Image

Using a 5 Gallon Bucket

bucket wmClick The Image


How To Start & Feed A Store Bought Stacking Farm

stacker wm

Click The Image