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Worm Farming How-To Videos


Worm Farms, How To Make Worm Farms,

How To Harvest Worms, How To Feed Worms


My YouTube Channel has many different videos to look at

Of special interest would be the following playlists:

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How To Make Bedding For A New Worm Farm


How To Feed A Worm Farm


How To Apply Ph Buffers To A Worm Farm (Garden Lime, Rockdust Etc) – For Controlling Acidity, Adding Minerals And Adding Grit


How To Start A Multi Level Worm Farm (“Flow Through Design”)


How To Make A Worm Farm


How To Make A Fruit Fly Trap For A Worm Farm – Shows Different Bait Being Tested


How To Harvest Worms From A Worm Farm


How To Feed A CFT Worm Farm:


How To Start A CFT Worm Farm


You may also be interested in reading my “Instructions For Worm Farms” (Click Here)


And looking at the “Frequently Asked Questions” (Click Here)


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Worm Farm How To Videos

Worms | Worm Farming How-To Videos | Worm Farms | Bait | How To Make Worm Farms | How To Harvest Worms | How To Feed Worms | How To Make Bedding For Worms

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