Compost Bin CFT Plans

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How To Make A CFT

From A Compost Bin Or A Barrel


The plans are available on this link, through the secure Gumroad platform, for US$2.50 (“A cup of coffee”):


Hi – and thanks for stopping by to look at my plans.

I’ve often been asked how to turn a typical compost bin, or a barrel, into a CFT.

I had a very basic sketch that I was almost embarrassed to show people which I used to show my ideas on how I would make one.

A lady in the FB groups asked me to spiff it up a bit, with measurements and all, so she could get someone to make it for her.


I decided to go the extra distance, and make a proper set of plans.

I have not done this one yet myself, but it shares a lot of facets of my other plans and builds, so I’m pretty sure its a good plan.


Answer #11: “What Is A Flow Through Worm Farm And How Does It Work?”

A flow thru has bars about a foot up from the ground, the VC sits on these bars (and sometimes “self harvests”, sometimes you have to use a tool like a rake to scrape some out, through the area below the bars, which has a door as u can see in the wheelie bin clearly)

Above the bars is usually about 2 feet to the top. This distance is critical – some say you can get away with 20 inches, but most people accept 24 inches is a “proper” depth.

This distance of 2 feet normally means that most worms are not in the finished VC at the bottom, and any cocoons that are GOING to hatch, have,  and the baby worms are up the top in the feeding zone.

The advantage to this is 3 fold:
The castings are almost worm free (the biggest hassle of worm farming is separating the worms from the VC when you want to harvest)

The worms remain undisturbed by harvesting, so they are always in top form

The bars at the bottom allow air flow into the VC .

These type of farms are considered to be about 2 to 3 times more effective than a store bought system or a home made “bin”.

Worm densities of at least 4 pounds per square foot are completely achievable – some saying that it can be well in excess of this figure.


You can see my big flow throughs in action on my utube channel (I also have DIY plans for those too)

See my wooden CFTs on Youtube:


To look into the plans for my wooden CFTs:


Thanks for looking 🙂