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June 12th, 2017

The Worm Man BLOG

Hi everyone 🙂

On the weekend just past, I gave a worm farming presentation at the Ipswich Horticultural Society.

It was my “A Basic Introduction To Domestic Worm Farming” lesson, which I developed at my Training & Assessment college course.

I think it went pretty well.

Including question time it took about 40 minutes.


I used my new projector for a powerpoint presentation.

The powerpoint has 19 slides.

This worked brilliantly and seemed to interest the audience.

Some of the pics in particular were of great interest, like the worm hatching from a cocoon (thanks Quoc-Huy) – and some of Heather Rinaldis before and after aerated tea application, on plants suffering mildew.


I thought i may have bored them as there was stunned silence and only a few questions  afterwards (many less than previous times ive given a similar talk)

Then when people started to come up to talk to me afterwards and at the afternoon tea, I realised I had given them all the info they could possibly want.

Some admitted to being stunned by the amount of info I relayed to them. Stunned – but happy with the info as it corrected some previously bad information and practices people had. Which will then lead them to go to my site or Youtube channel to pick up more info.
I got 3 pretty firm enquiries to buy worms or farms. I didn’t take anything “for sale”. But I donated a bucket of VC for their door prize.
I charged a fee to do the presentation – but I think it was quite fairly priced – possibly even under-priced.

The next presentation I have booked in is at a garden club run by the big hardware chain in Australia – Bunnings. It’s in about 2 months.


If you want to know anything about worm farming – just ask me.
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Of course you can ask questions through my Youtube channel as well – and don’t forget facebook.


Thanks & regards


One tired – but happy – Worm Man




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