Sick Of Waste? Come Fight The WAR On Waste!

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June 3rd, 2017

The Worm Man BLOG

Hi everyone 🙂

In my blog this week I am talking about something that is probably near and dear to everyone’s heart – “The War On Waste”.

Recently in Australia, a television show aired called “The War On Waste”.

Here is a link to the details of the TV show:


I understand that the show – and the IDEA of the show – has “gone viral”.

And for good reason.

Imagine – just IMAGINE – HOW MUCH WASTE we throw away as a society.
I just googled “How much America wastes” – I don’t want to pick on you guys – I just knew the information would be of more interest to you guys, you being a wide section of my audience. I’m sure Australians waste just as much.

I found this document:

In part it says that America (as a whole) wastes 28 billion pounds of food (annually) . . .

If only THAT part of the waste stream got turned back into plant available nutrients for our gardens.

Imagine – that may be 6 billion pounds of organic soil amendments that could be turned back into food.


Not to let us Aussies hide . . . This article says Aussies waste 1.5 tonnes of rubbish per person per year . . . (thats 3,300 pounds per person per year) . . .and that we let $8 BILLION DOLLARS worth of EDIBLE food “hit the bin” every year . . .Thats not even counting the “inedible food” like fruit and vege peels etc !!
Of course, a large part of the waste stream is not “organic” materials – it is waste of plastic or paper origin – packaging, disposable coffee cups, coffee pods etc etc etc ….

One of the areas I’m sure a lot of people can relate to, though, is the “organic materials” that we waste.

I’m not even talking buying too much food then throwing it away here – although that contributes too.

I’m talking about the stuff that naturally gets thrown away – fruit and vegetable peels (who eats those?) – pieces that have to be trimmed off because of a blemish in the vegetable – leftovers from the kids’ lunch boxes – a piece of fruit that got too old or got dropped on the floor . . . .


ALL of that nutrient – most of it nitrogen – gets taken out of the earths natural cycle.

We bind it up in plastic bags – some of which won’t decompose for dozens of years they tell us.

Then we dig big holes in the earth and chuck the bags of waste in there.

The buried waste gives off “greenhouse gases” but doesn’t decompose properly back into the earth. Instead it is locked up in a festering pile of “landfill”.


So, you may now be thinking – “How do I HELP rather than HINDER the earth with my waste”?

Well –  OF COURSE that’s an easy one !

Hold your own “War On Waste” – and use our mates the composting worms as your soldiers !

I mean, even if you can divert SOME of your waste it will help the situation – even if it’s not ALL of your waste !


Some examples of things that are easily taken out of your waste stream and fed to a worm farm are:

  • fruit and vegetable peelings and trimmings – from making your meals or snacks
  • used coffee grounds, tea leaves and tea bags
  • leftover fruit from kids lunch boxes that won’t be eaten the next day
  • stale cereals – you know, the last bit the kids won’t eat before opening a new box
  • garden trimmings – even lawn clippings and leaves can be fed to a worm farm in moderation

Every bit taken out of the waste stream HELPS.

In Australia we are taught to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. Maybe they have that slogan where you live too? I am a big follower and believer of this slogan. It helps the environment – and I’m not ashamed to admit – it also helps the back pocket !

I believe in reducing the amount of food we waste – and what is wasted by nature of not being edible or fit for consumption is turned into “black gold” – Vermicompost – or Worm Castings. Then it is returned to the Earth in a garden somewhere.


So, join me, guys – come fight “The War On Waste” – WITH WORMS !


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If you have already started one – good on you ! If there’s anything I can do to help – like answer a few questions – go ask through my website page “Ask A Worm Question”


So this ends my post today – thanks very much for reading my blog – and HAPPY WORMING.
Brian Donaldson


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