How do i start worms off in a Continuous Flow Through worm bin

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Andrew mccormack asked 8 months ago

Hi Brian i am building a CFT bin 4 x 2 feet and i am thinking of buying 2kg of worms.
I will have bedding of cardboard,leaves,paper and well rotted horse manure about 14 inches deep.
Would you advise keeping the worms in one third of the bin for a few weeks to encourage faster breeding?
I have two small bins of 14 x 9 inches with maybe 1lb of worms in each would i empty contents of both bins into the CFT bin that i am building or just the worms?
Regards Andrew

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wormadmin Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Andrew !
Thanks for asking your question.
With CFTs a lot of the things we do are based around an acknowledgment (and also fear lol) of the bin “self harvesting” later on.
So I wouldnt separate the worms into one section as that would mean that sections VC would be different to the rest of the bin – it may make that section more compacted than the rest – who knows – but it may mean it will self harvest in the rest afterwards.
I would advise just starting the CFT off with whatever worms you have – I started a 15 square foot CFT with about 3000 juveniles – it got going quickly.
The worms go into breeding mode when placed in a roomy bin.
I would start the CFT off with your 2 small bins as they have the microbes and microorganisms to populate the bin with – as well as the worms. Then if you can afford to buy the extra worms and still wish to – do that and add those too.
Have you downloaded my free CFT guide? You’ll find it in the list of e-books on the “left sidebar”. It details how to start and look after a CFT properly.
One of the MOST important things is how to start one off.
Thanks again for asking your question