Kyle Bagley asked 3 months ago

Would trench composting attract earthworms to my garden?

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wormadmin Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Kyle,

Yes – trench composting will draw in and nourish native earthworms.
Especially if you put some composting worms in the trench. The compost worm VC will help feed the soil biology.
Compost worm VC is said to attract earthworms as well.

One thing to note is that burying food waste in your garden may attract vermin – and vermin may attract snakes. And vermin eat worms too.

For anyone who is reading that hasn’t heard of it, trench composting is where you dig a trench, and line it with materials that will compost or be eaten by the composting worms, such as food waste, grass clippings and leaves. Then, depending on the environmental conditions and the operators preference, the trench may be covered over lightly with soil, or for instance with hay bales.

What one guy that I know does, Bentley Christie, is build the trench during the year, then before winter, covers it over. The next spring, he will plant a garden on top of the old trench and make a new trench for this years waste.

Thanks for asking your question,