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Les Harrison asked 4 months ago

I have a few chickens that go across my garden beds daily, scratching and pecking. They have cleaned out every weed and I suppose every insect. I was wondering if there are worms suitable to put in the garden beds, not only for them to find but they could do good for the soil.
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Les Harrison

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wormadmin Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Les,
I’m very sorry – I just found your question today. I have to check up on this system to see where the problem lies. Sorry.

Generally speaking, not many folks breed soil dwelling worms. Most people breed composting worms which have different requirements.

The soil dweller that you may be able to find if you are in the states has a bit of a bad reputation depending on whose research or articles you want to believe in.
It’s the Amynthas gracilis – or alabama jumper.
We do find them in the soil here in australia too, as well as Apporectodea species.

WHat you CAN do is create conditions suitable for composting worms in your garden. I know a few people who swear by deep mulching and using castings in the garden, that have large populations of composting worms right in their garden.

Heres a link to an article I wrote recently about putting composting worms in the garden:
Thanks very much for asking your question – and sorry again I took so long to see it.