Worms For Worm Farms – LOCAL PICKUP

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Composting Worms – Tiger Worms & Red Worms

For Worm Farms – To Make Compost For Your Garden


For LOCAL PICKUP, Call Brian On 0419 419 572

NOW Mailing Worms Within Australia:
Click Here: http://thewormman.com.au/mailing-worms/

 To Contact Brian By EMAIL (Click Here)

A mix of Red Worms & Tiger Worms (Eisinea sp.) , African Night Crawlers (Eudrilus sp.) , and the chance of some Blue worms (Pieronix sp.)



$20 for 50grams     (approx 250 worms)

$30 for 100 grams (approx 500 worms)

$55 for 200 grams and 500 grams of worm farm conditioner (approx 1000 worms) – also included is some “starter bedding” – a mix of material out of our farm to jump start the microbes in your new farm.

I supply full written instructions with ALL purchases (Click Here To See Them)

The worms are a mix of red worms, tiger worms and blue worms, and there may be some African Night Crawlers in the mix too – complete instruction sheet provided with all sales.


Worm farm conditioner supplies grit, minerals and acidity regulator

I may be able to deliver locally, please ask me for a price.


CAUTION: All worms are weighed so you are buying just worms not bedding – and unborn worms in cocoons are not counted.


You wouldn’t buy 100 grapes – you’d buy a WEIGHT of grapes – worms are the same – people play games with “how many worms you get” – are they huge or just born? Some count unborn worms in bedding, and some count the bedding in the weight of the worms.

I will advise you on how to start and care for your worm farm, and some common do’s and don’ts. I supply full written instructions with the worms and farms (Click Here To See Them)


For a small additional fee I can also setup your worm farm for you, and i can even supply an initial bedding mix for you.Priced on application (just call and discuss it with me)







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