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Links List For Worm Farming Information And Products

Recommended Resources

My Own Resources:

I have published quite a few e-books, plans and resources:


E-books about domestic worm farming:


“The Big Book Of Answers – Domestic Worm Farming” – My 123 Page E-book (US$9.95)  – Click Here

“Domestic Worm Farming – A FREE Guide To Frequently Asked Questions” – This free/donation based e-book is the  “little brother” of the “Big Book” – Click Here


Continuous Flow Through Worm Farms (Perhaps the “pinnacle” of worm farm systems)


To Look At My Free Guide To CFT Worm Farms – Click Here

To Look At My Plans For Building A Wooden CFT (Rental US$27 / Purchase US$37) – Click Here

(The CFT Plans are  a package of follow along videos and a full written set of instructions. Details available on the link above)


Other Peoples Stuff – That I Personally Recommend:

The Worm Farming Alliance (A group for serious & commercial worm farming) – Click Here


 Great Books To Read


“Organic Growing With Worms” By David Murphy – Click Here

“The Rogue Wiggler” – A Book About Blue Worms – By Larry J Shier – Click Here

“Black Soldier Fly” – A Book By Larry J Shier – Click Here


Some GREAT Stuff From Pauly “Dr Worm” Piccirillo

Pauly is one of my favourite authors:

“Worm Farming Revolution” E-book – Click Here

Slides & Presentations For Teaching – Click Here

“Secret Gardening Recipe” E-book – Click Here

4-Pack Bundle – Click Here


Great Products To Buy That I Personally Recommend:


Purchasing Worm Inn Megas:

In Australia, Please Support Me – Click Here

In The USA, Or The Rest Of World:

Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie of – Click Here

Bentley also has a great “Worm Inn Guide” – Click Here

Patrick Cartwright of – Click Here

For my FREE/Donation Based Plans To Build A Worm Inn Stand: Click Here


Garden Towers – World Wide –  Click Here

My How To Make A Wheeled Base For The Towers – Click Here


The Urban Worm Calculator – Click Here





Full disclosure – I may make a commission when you buy some of the articles listed above froim other sellers (Of course I make money when you buy MY OWN stuff)
But I will NEVER recommend something that I do not think is a great purchase.