When is my worm farm ready to harvest?

wormadmin Staff asked 9 months ago
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wormadmin Staff answered 9 months ago

When Is My VC Ready To Harvest?
The accepted industry standard times within the worming community are:

-120 days for small bin or batch systems and wedge systems (like a common domestic stacking system)
-60 days for a CFT or wedge
-12 months for outdoor windrows

(source info: Dr. Clive Edwards’ book “Vermiculture Technologies”)
The time in contact with the worms is to ensure that the worms; and the enzymes and bacteria associated with them, have had an appropriate amount of time to reduce pathogen levels in the material to an acceptable level.
The correct processing time may also give better VC as more of the material is castings rather than compost.
But “It Depends” – if your goal is to have VC that’s full of plant growth hormone and rooting hormone (for making cuttings perhaps) – I understand that these may be more prevalent in very new cast.