Where can I go fishing around here?

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wormadmin Staff asked 9 months ago
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wormadmin Staff answered 9 months ago

The following places are fishing spots around Ipswich and Brisbane:
(Use google maps to find them)

  • Colleges Crossing
  • Jindalee Boat Ramp
  • Wivenhoe Dam
  • Somerset Dam
  • Wyaralong Dam
  • Moogera Dam
  • Maroon Dam
  • Slacks Creek – Corner of Balun St. & Garoona Grove
  • The Shorncliffe pier
  • The Hornibrook Highway Bridge
  • The Bribie Jetty
  • The Redcliffe jetty
  • Clontarf – “The old bridge”
  • Cabbage Tree Creek, Deagon
  • Jacobs Well
  • Karana Downs – Kookaburra Park, West / Kangaroo Park
  • Mt Crosby Weir
  • The Brisbane river
  • Graceville – Simpsons boat ramp

(More will be added as I get information on great fishing spots for you)

Customers have bought fishing worms from me to use in these locations.



(The author takes no responsibility for there being fish in the spots mentioned, or that it is legal or wise at the time of use to fish in these spots.   Please ensure you know about the minimum sizes or bag limits applicable.   Please dispose of pest fish like Tilapia and Carp properly.   These spots have been compiled from information given to me by fishing bait customers.)