Root Pouch

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root pouch

Root Pouches

Someone who I am proud to call my friend, sells these GREAT new planters – called “Root Pouches”

Some of you may know Rob Bob, of Aquaponics/Backyard Gardening fame on You Tube  (Click Here To Look At His YT Channel)


At the recent Ipswich Plant Expo we teamed up. I learned a lot about the root pouches while listening in.

Rob being the generous guy he is gave my wife some root pouches for the fruit trees we already had at home, about 2 or 3 months ago.
Ever since, the trees have started to flourish, where previously they had not.

Rob also kindly gave us some to put our new purchases in as well.


The root pouches operate as “air pruners” – this means that instead of roots going round and round a plastic pot, strangling the plant; the roots in a root pouch grow out to the outside, then strike the dry/air zone. They then “die” at that point – which then causes the plant to send out new feeder roots.

These new feeder roots are apparently better at taking up water and nutrients than the bigger/old root.


I’m sure I may have paraphrased some of that slightly wrong, but you get the idea 🙂

And if you want to know ANYTHING about root pouches, gardening, or aquaponics – Rob is your man 🙂