The Urban Worm Bag

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The Urban Worm Bag

A Fabric Continuous Flow Through Worm Farm (CFT)

As you might guess by my Free CFT Guide and my BEAST CFT plans on the left of my site – and if you have seen the videos on my Youtube channel about my worm farms – I have a bit of interest in CFT worm farms.

They REALLY are superior to “normal” stacking/vertical migration and single level “tote” style systems.

There are several reasons for this; to name a few – a CFT may support up to twice as many worms as stacking/single level systems; the VC harvested should be free of most of the worms (no light separating); and the VC should be more light and crumbly compared to a stacker/tote.


If you want to know more about CFT’s in general, go grab my free CFT Guide here:


If you want to run off right now and look at Steve Churchill’s Urban Worm Bag website click this link:

(Steve has a great introductory offer – pre-order your Urban Worm Bag, for $30 off! That’s down to $79 from $109 :O )


The Urban Worm Bag – What’s it all about?

Well, my good friend from the WFA, Steve Churchill, went and designed his own take on the fabric CFT worm farm – and here it is!

Here is a picture of Steve’s Urban Worm Bag:

The Urban Worm Bag - By Steve Churchill - preorder

You may ask “What is the difference between this and the Worm Inn – Or even the Worm Swag (the swag came before the Worm Inn)”

Well, there are a few differences that I know of, to date – and I will do a more detailed review when I have one in my grubby, sweaty wormy hands (mua hahaha 😀 ).  Steve is going to send me mine as soon as he gets them in.

At first, though, they will only be shipped to the USA – but Steve has plans for world worm domination, so it would not surprise me to see him open things up quite quickly.


1. The UWB (as it is already known as) is supposed to be LESS breathable than the Worm Inn

You may ask WHY is that a good thing? I mean, air is good right – and that’s one of the issues with stacking systems and totes etc.

Well – it seems that for folks in drier climates – or those who keep the farm in a climate controlled room (central heating/air conditioning etc) the worm inns dry out WAAAAY too quick for them. They have to “spritz” them every day or two, or they dry out way too fast.

I have not had this problem with my worm inn in Australia – we have them out in the shed, and it works well.



WOW – is this important, you may ask?

Well, even though both of these bag systems are going to be well made (I mean, both vendors are well known, reputable suppliers and wouldn’t sell you junk) – things HAPPEN sometimes. We’ve all had it happen – you buy something, then a few years later something wears out, or there was a manufacturing error. You can’t find that pesky receipt and you cant prove when you bought it for the limited 1 or 2 year warranty some  things have.
Having a “lifetime waranty” means you’re good for a long long time.

Steve even told me, that if you buy it from his site and he can track down the purchase from his records, you don’t even NEED A RECEIPT TO SHOW HIM!! (Wow – how is THAT for service?)

This is “RISK REVERSAL” – and it means that the seller assumes the risk if anything happens to your worm bag.
So Steve (the UWB supplier) is standing right behind his product!

Worried about him, I have spoken to Steve and pointed out that he needs to define what the guarantee covers and what it does not.
Steve said he had gone light on the conditions and is happy to take on the extra risk this entails! So he is DEFINITELY happy for you to claim on it if you need to.
Check out Steve’s “Terms And Conditions” page before you buy (as is always recommended!)


3. The UWB Has A Nifty Stand Fully INCLUDED:

The worm inns (usually) come with a PVC corner kit to make a stand – and you have to go source 3 lengths of PVC pipe to cut up to make the stand.

The UWB has a stand INCLUDED in the price – just assemble it and you are good to go!


(Remember, Steve has a great introductory offer – ending soon – pre-order your Urban Worm Bag, for $30 off! That’s down to $79 from $109 :O )

To go look at Steve Churchill’s Urban Worm Bag website click this link:


WHO IS This Steve Churchill, You May Ask?

Well, I have long known Steve through the Worm Farming Alliance, or WFA for short. The WFA is a paid-for subscription membership, group of serious domestic and commercial worm farmers, including top scientists in the field.

He is now one of the managing partners of the WFA – Bentley Christie bringing him in as a partner earlier in 2017.

Steve has presented at the annual Vermiculture Conference this year – his main speaking subject being internet marketing and website creation.
He is very knowledgeable in these fields.

I also have a lot to do with Steve in another private group only a few of us are in, where we share tips and secrets about website creation and search engine optimization.

Do I trust Steve you may want to know? YES – wholeheartedly!!


A Full Review Of The UWB To Come When I Get My Grubby, Wormy Hands On One!

To go look at Steve Churchill’s Urban Worm Bag website click this link:

Did I tell you (lol) that Steve has a great introductory offer – ending soon – pre-order your Urban Worm Bag, for $30 off! That’s down to $79 from $109 :O )