Worm Farming Alliance – For Commercially Minded People

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My Review Of The Worm Farming Alliance


Referred to in this literature as “WFA”

My Own Review Of The WFA:

The WFA’s main benefit in my own mind, is the association with like minded people, whose opinion and experience can be drawn upon for you to learn or fall back on when you have a problem.

This is where belonging to the WFA secret facebook group comes in. People are more willing to share info within the closed walls of the WFA group. BIG NAME people. With LOADS of experience. Professionals.

Being a member, you get access to the files and information (the pdfs etc) – and to some other stuff – like George Mingins pro-growing-secrets e-book he and Bentley Christie wrote – which you pay extra for, but is worth its weight in gold   – and only available to WFA members.

$8 a month is a laughably small fee to be charged for just the association with high level people. But it depends on your budget, how serious you are etc etc.

That old saying goes something like “you will become like the people that you associate with” is never more true with something like the WFA.

I don’t think I could have come so far, so fast, if I had not been associated with Bentley Christie and the WFA.
Through Bentley and my now good friend, Larry Shier, I have received mentoring, friendship and support through out my endeavors.

Due in part to Bentley and Larry’s influence, and association with others in the WFA opening my eyes to other opportunities, I completed a Horticulture qualification.

I then went on to complete a qualification to become a qualified workplace trainer which qualifies me to teach horticulture and has led to me designing and delivering worm farming lessons to schools, garden and horticultural clubs. I have also become a vermicomposting consultant and have published many e-books and articles on worm farming.   (My full qualifications here: https://thewormman.com.au/horticulture-and-vermiculture-qualifications/ )

I cannot speak HIGHLY ENOUGH of the WFA and what it has done for me.


(To see more details, written by the founder, Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie – CLICK HERE)

You Might Ask – “What Is The WFA?”

Full disclosure – the WFA IS a paid-for membership.

But – with a very low monthly fee system, making it VERY affordable.

I am a member and also one of the admins in the WFA.

The WFA is a group of people who are serious about worm farming, or some aspect related to worms such as horticulture or soil health.

We have industry leaders from many facets of worm farming – and also scientific and technical experts.

They could be people from different lines of business or interest. Just a few are:

  • commercial businesses selling worms
  • commercial businesses selling vermicompost (or both of these)
  • teaching about the soil food web and the links back to healthy soils
  • teaching about worm farming as part of their business
  • having a business that tests soils or growing media for nutrients or the life in soils (fungal hyphae, micro organisms etc)
  • large vegetable producers who want to produce their own healthy soil amendment with the waste from the farm
  • people with large private ornamental and or vegetable gardens, wanting to be more “organic”
  • just serious people, not looking to make money from worms, but intensely interested in the subject, but wanting to belong to a group of like minded people
  • soil scientists or agronomists


Whether you are ALREADY making a business from worms, or want to – or just want to take your worm farming at home to the next level, the WFA is the place for you.

Some of the resources are a private Face Book group, and other resources only available to members.

One of my all-time favorite e-books that helped me, was the e-book Bentley co-wrote with the Aussie worm farmer George Mingin.
This e-book is ONLY available to WFA members – although it does cost extra to buy it. Then you also get access to the secret Facebook group for people who have bought that resource, to be able to discuss things from the book.

I have been a part of the WFA for quite a while now, and some of the resources are amazing.

One thing that can’t be beat is the information from and access TO some of the world’s top worm farmers, and also scientists in the field.

It is run by the world famous “worm head” Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie

I PERSONALLY recommend Bentley and the WFA


For more information, written by Bentley, visit this page:

**The Worm Farming Alliance Information Page**