Worm Farming Lessons Or Presentations

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Worm Farming Lessons / Presentations


As part of my Cert4 Training & Assessment Certification I have developed a training program for Vermiculture (Worm Farming). I am also qualified to teach horticulture.

These lessons are offered at a VERY low cost – please call me to discuss your requirements.

For details on presentations/lessons for schools and child care centres, please see my website:



Lessons available:

Currently there are 5 lessons that are fully “designed” – with many more that have been roughed out in the design process.

Three of the lessons have been fully developed into “deliverable lessons”.

I can add to or change any lesson to work in with a clients needs, as to content and knowledge level of students.

At a later date the lessons may be available on Gumroad via a subscription payment. Follow me on Gumroad to be notified of things I publish (The “Gumroad Follow” link is on the site “sidebar” – on the right side of the page)

The Cert4 “TAE 40110” certification qualifies me to teach Horticulture to the level that I attain – currently Cert3 Horticulture & Rural ops.

It also allows me to develop training materials about Worm Farming which may be developed further in the future, in conjunction with an RTO, to be included in registered Australian training courses.


Recommendations From Previous Clients:


“A big thankyou from Whitehill Garden Club. Very informative and very knowledgeable on his worms. I would recommend him to any club interested in composting and Vermiculture.”      – Mark Steinhardt.


My Formal Qualifications:


Worm Farming Lessons / Presentations – General Info:


School And Child Care Centre Worm Farming Lessons & Presentations


Past Lesson Or Presentation Clients:


Recommendations From Previous Clients: