Fishing Bait Worms – African & European – LOCAL PICKUP

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Fishing Bait Worms:

African Night Crawlers

& European Night Crawlers

To Order Worms For LOCAL PICKUP

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Bait size for African Night Crawler worms is usually 7 to 10 cm long, but can be up to 15 cm long !

We supply worms that are over the 7 cm mark – and at times more like 10 to 15 cm long.

Africans are fatter at the head end – at about 5 to 7 mm thick

By comparison, compost worms are only 2 to 4 cm long by 1 – 2 mm thick

(Please see below for why some compost worms aren’t good for fishing bait, or feeding to pets)

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NOW Mailing Worms Within Australia:


I have BOTH African Night Crawlers And European Night Crawlers available:


(Prices Are For Pickup Only – From Collingwood Park – Delivery available Australia Wide in my shop : Click Here For The Online SHOP )

AFRICAN Night Crawlers:

$25 for 50 worms

$40 for 100 worms

$50 for 125 worms

$60 for 150 worms

$75 for 200 worms

Sizing MINIMUM 7cm long – but can be up to 15 cm long, but they taper off thinner towards the tail.

These are true African Night Crawlers, NOT small compost worms as some people are selling.

Comes with a FREE reusable bait bucket (3.4 litre bucket)

Africans are considered one of the best fishing worms due to their larger size, and also they have an iridescent “blue” sheen running through them which some fishermen say attract the fish.

EUROPEAN Night Crawlers

(NEW – Only available while stocks last)

$35 for 50 worms

$60 for 100 worms

$90 for 150 worms

$120 for 200 worms

European sizing minimum 5 cm long.

Why are Euros more expensive? They take about TWICE as much work as Africans – so charging 50% more is cheap by comparison to the extra work.


What Is The Difference Between Africans And European Night Crawlers?

Apart from Euros being harder to raise, they are sized differently.
Some fishermen just seem to prefer one over the other.

* Europeans are thicker all along their length. They are a harder, more muscled worm. Very active, good for using whole for bigger fish, they move around a lot and may stay on the hook a little better.

Euros are twice as much work to breed, so they are a little more expensive. This is an introductory price and subject to change.

* Africans are longer, but thin out towards the tail. They are a softer bodied worm. Fishermen like cutting these up as they are generally too long for a small hook. They have an iridescent “blue” sheen running through them which some fishermen say attract the fish. Great for feeding to pets as they are a little softer than Euros.


I can supply 2 or 3  buckets with larger orders – I am happy to split a large order up for multiple fishermen.


Local Delivery:

I may be able to deliver to Forest Lake/Inala or Camira/Springfield or Centenary areas for $5 to $15 extra, price on application. I sometimes travel around, so if you’re interested in me delivering them, just call and ask for a delivered price.



See my online shop where delivery is included in the price (Auspost Expresspost with signature)

Click Here For The Online SHOP 


See the gallery below for some pictures from people using my worms.


Why Aren’t “Normal” Composting Worms As Good For Fishing?

Apart From The SIZE Difference – Red/Tiger worms sold as composting worms are in fact the species Eisinea Fetida.

The fetid in the name means foul stench.

When pierced with a hook, or disturbed, they emit a liquid, that while not particularly noticeable to US, will deter fish from being attracted to them.

Fish have been known to “spit out” the bait.

Fish are attracted to the “smell” of worms – and not attracted to the fetid smell of Eisinea Fetida.



Re breeding your OWN ANC at home, please see Terms and Conditions


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