School And Child Care Centre Worm Farming Lessons & Presentations

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School And Child Care Centre

Worm Farming Lessons & Presentations


School Presentation Package:

  • Complete worm farm, made from a styrofoam broccoli box (recycling food waste in something that’s been recycled !)

    • 100 grams of mixed composting worms (approx. 500 worms)
    • 500 gram shaker of worm farm conditioner
    • Starter bedding (I get the kids to help make it up)
    • Microbial starter (material from my worm farm, containing microbes, micro organisms etc to get your farm off to a quick start – may also include worm eggs and some little worms)
    • Laminated do’s and don’ts to leave near the worm farm, so you don’t forget what is what
  • Presentation/Lesson:
    • 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on your requirements, showing examples of:
      • worm cocoons.
      • different worm species (different composting worm species and the most common garden worms)
      • worm farm conditioner – what is it and why it is important to use it?
      • worm castings – a very clean soil conditioner, that smells “like the earth”.
      • example of a common stacking farm the kids may have at home and how it should be operated.
      • different beddings to be used in the worm farm.
  • Class handouts including:
    • Basic instructions for operating a worm farm for the kids to take home.
    • Activity sheets including: word search, crossword puzzle, coloring page, cryptogram puzzle – can be tailored to your class level.
  • The presentation includes the subjects:
    • Who am I and my qualifications
    • What is a worm farm?
    • Benefits of worm farming
    • Roles of different worms (composting vs garden)
    • How to attract natural earthworms to your garden
    • Earthworm cocoons; their ability to sense conditions etc
    • How to feed a worm farm properly
    • What foods to avoid and why
    • Worm farm conditioner – what it is and why it is so important
    • How to apply worm castings and the liquid from farms
    • Other resources available for the keen worm farmer

Payments & Invoice/Receipt:

Total cost for this presentation, including your worm farm, as above, is:

$ 115.00 *

This is for up to 30 students. Please talk to me if your group is bigger or you want to do several classes, we can work out something together.

A receipt will be given to you for your payment (this is a registered and insured business). I can invoice you, for you to send the payment afterwards if that is easier.

I can only travel to locations within a suitable driving distance from me (I’m in Collingwood Park, halfway between Brisbane and Ipswich)

Please just give me a call or drop me an email to discuss whether I can come to your school.

(* If you already have a worm farm, please just talk to me, we can work out a smaller charge depending on what you want me to supply)

Blue Card (Working With Children)

Positive Notice Blue Card – Number 740427/2

(BCB – “Blue Card As A Business”)


I have a 5 million dollar public liability insurance policy.

If you require a copy of the certificate of currency, please just ask me.

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Worm Farming Lesson - Letter Of Appreciation - Clontarf Beach State School

Karen Harris, Year 5 Teacher Clontarf Beach State School Worm Farming Lesson August 27, 2017

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“A big thankyou from Whitehill Garden Club. Very informative and very knowledgeable on his worms. I would recommend him to any club interested in composting and Vermiculture.”      – Mark Steinhardt.

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School And Child Care Centre Worm Farming Lessons & Presentations

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